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Novos has moved offices to Units No 15 & 16, 7 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7SL, UK.

Sarah Cotgreave of Novos becomes Fellow of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.
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Sourcing and Outsourcing Services Limited changes name to Novos Limited.
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Staff Learning and Development
  Staff Learning and Development
  Novos Limited Staff Learning and Development Policy

Novos is dedicated to the ongoing learning and development of its employees to allow them to meet their full potential within their roles. Novos’ training and development activities centre on achieving our corporate objectives which are carefully aligned to customer needs. Our objective is to furnish our employees with the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours required to allow us to remain successful and maintain our position as an innovative market leader.

We continuously assess our employees and create blended learning opportunities which include training, coaching and mentoring in the following:
  • Lean Six Sigma tools and applications
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Core Management Skills
  • Team working
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Communication and facilitation skills
  • Strategic management
  • Leadership development
  • Sales skills
  • Business systems
Using our structured learning and development planning, Novos training and development is implemented and reviewed whilst ensuring that sufficient support and guidance is available should it be required.

Ultimately, each individual is responsible for their own development, and employees are also expected to articulate their own training needs. All employees are given an appraisal every six months, with the aim of clarifying objectives, increasing motivation and to identify strengths/weaknesses which may be enhanced or remedied through learning and development.

We believe that investing in our staff increases their confidence and enables individuals to be more professional and productive. This gives our employees and our company an enhanced reputation with employers and customers.