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Novos has moved offices to Units No 15 & 16, 7 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7SL, UK.

Sarah Cotgreave of Novos becomes Fellow of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.
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Sourcing and Outsourcing Services Limited changes name to Novos Limited.
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Process and Continuous Improvement
  Process and Continuous Improvement
  We provide specialists in Lean and Six Sigma to train, coach and facilitate our customer’s staff to give them the tools to lead their own projects to transform services and improve costs within existing operations. We believe that this approach improves both the acceptance of new processes and the sustainability of the change.

Our consultants have implemented continuous improvement programmes at leading companies, central government departments and shared service operations, to allow our clients to:
  • Assess their readiness for a Lean and/or Six Sigma based approach, such as STARS, and address the key issues that may inhibit success
  • Train existing front line associates and management in process and service improvement techniques
  • Select appropriate staff to lead improvement projects
  • Select appropriate projects to maximise early success and benefits
  • Document, improve and control existing processes
  • Standardise processes across geographies
  • Understand customer touch points and escalation procedures
  • Reduce complaints
  • Map and baseline the full cost of existing processes to position them for shared services or outsourcing
  • Consolidate operations to gain sufficient scale and control for shared services or outsourcing
  • Design balanced scorecards to promptly signal any problems and keep customer service metrics visible to management
  • Demonstrate to regulators that customer interests are adequately protected
*Note: STARS is a trade mark of Novos Limited.